Limelight designed an integrated communication package for the ACI Pain Network including 54 web films, a website, branding, and supporting photography. The resource has been remarkably successful, providing sufferers of chronic pain with a way to understand their pain and a variety of techniques to manage it.


We worked in close collaboration with ACI in scripting, surrounding web content and educational modules and production of films including consumer and clinician content.


The design process included theme development, logo design, style guide development, key site developments including menu, navigation and function design. Custom stills photography was utilised and placement and final layout of each page was delivered as PSDs.


Design for the site had to consider not only WCAG requirements but also be aware of the demographics of the users which ranged from adolescents to elderly chronic pain sufferers. Design had to be fresh and easy to navigate as well as present a large amount of information in the most engaging and comprehensible fashion.


In 2014 Limelight won the Atom Award for Best Instructional Training Resource   (Tertiary/ General).


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