The video scenarios were designed to be used as educational tools to enhance the effectiveness of the Community Support Skills and Workplace Support Skills training packages. The training packages instructed employees on the practical skills needed to help support people in the workplace who may be experiencing mental health difficulties.


 The primary audience for the video scenarios were those undertaking the community and workplace support training packages. However it was envisioned that some of the videos would translate well across a variety of platforms including the CRRMH website  and social media and as such have a broader audience of “people living in rural and remote NSW at risk of developing mental health challenges, or likely to encounter someone who might.


After the success of the Community and Workplace films Limelight were commissioned to produce Workplace support skills film for the Mining/Heavy Industry to combat suicide in this sector in 2015.


To create realistic scripts and dialogue we combined improvisation with scripted key messages. Although we follow the signed off script in terms of delivering key messages, we believe allowing our actors to have some flexibility over their delivery creates a more realistic and natural delivery. We trialled draft scripts with our actors and knowledge experts in the rehearsal phase to iron out any difficult or unrealistic dialogue.


Trainers are using these training videos successfully interstate and now in NZ with positive feedback. The training videos have been highly successful in eliciting the involvement of  training participants in discussion of sensitive topics such as mental illness and suicide.


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