Limelight were offered the amazing assignment of following Sydney balsa surf board maker Mark Riley to the remote islands of Papua New Guinea.


The brief was to follow Mark's passion for sustainable surfing and surfboard production over a two week period. Limelight's Ian and son Oliver Hamilton packed 220 kilograms of gear and met Mark in Sydney for the flight up.


Together, the team traveled to northern PNG, first visiting the sustainable balsa forestry farm near Rabaul where Mark sources the fast growing, remarkably lightweight wood, and then flying on to Nusa Island Retreat off the tip of Latangai Island. Here, the team settled in to record all that this beautiful part of PNG had to offer.


Pristine tropical islands, friendly locals, diving above shipwrecks, fishing pristine mangrove estuaries and of course surfing on perfect, empty coral breaks. Yep, this project was a film makers dream.


While our time lapse cameras captured Mark teaching the locals how to craft the ultimate balsa wood surfboard we headed down to a secret surf spot with PNG champion surfer, Titiama.


The boys paddled out into uncrowded perfection, surrounded by local kids surfing on their hardwood splinter boards while Ian stood on shore being offered coconuts by the local kids. He gave a local kid a quick lesson in shooting surf photography, which he mastered like a true pro.


New Guinea definitely lives up to it's reputation as one of the most exotic, untouched and pristine environments and cultures in the world. It is definitely worth a visit if you respect the locals and don't mind the odd chew on Betel Nut.


The finished film and photography featured in several magazines and websites promoting not only Mark's business but also the Retreat and local economy, proving to be very versatile and effective tools for marketing and positive consumer change.


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